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                                                          Women of Bethany
                                                              Board Minutes
                                                            October, 24, 2014
Present: Jan Olson, Marlys Jensen, Bev Ostroot, Pat Hays, Betty Stuart, Jan Wiedebush
The minutes of the last meeting were approved and accepted.
Treasurers Report: General Fund  $2,297.08
Correspondence:  Thank you notes were read from the Mauritsen and Ron Harapat Families.
Marlys reports that we are still accepting cell phones.  They will be taken to Verizon and if needed the memory will be erased.  These phones are then distributed to battered women for 911 calls. 
Bev gave a report on the WOW Convention in Chester Montana.  The theme was Buttons, Bows and Blessings.  31 women were in attendance.  The spring meeting will be held at Calvary Lutheran Church in Evergreen.  We hope to have many attend from our congregation since it will be in our area.
Quilting and Prayer Shawl report:  The quilters will soon be distributing quilts to the Veterans pantry and Social Services.  Along with quilts for baptisms and grads they are busy gals. We all know the good works of the Prayer Shawl group. Thank you!!
The Rummage Sale was very successful this year.  With all of your hard work, prayers and donations the sale brought in $2,149.00.  THANK YOU EVERYONE!!
Motion was made to buy 50 more glass cups for the kitchen. Motion made to give $150.00 to the Bigfork Food Pantry and $150.00 to the Veterans Food Pantry. Friendship and Rachel bible groups gave a total of $547.18 for hearing devices.  $336.00 was given to the Rotary Club Back Pack Program.
                                     SAVE THE DATE FOR THE CHRISTMAS TEA
                                             TEDDY BEAR CHRISTMAS PICNIC  
                                               DECEMBER 6th, 2014 at 10:00 AM
Be sure to mark your calendars for the Christmas Tea.  It is sure to be a fun time as usual with eats, and entertainment.  You will be asked to bring a stuffed animal for the Veterans Panty to be distributed to children at Christmas.  Also the offering will be given to the Backpack Program to feed local children in need. Invitations will be in your mail box soon.


Don’t forget to shop for Cards and Napkins in the Narthex.


Board Members:

Jan Olson                    Jan Wiedebush

Pat Hays                      Nancy Lester

Betty Stuart                 Kari Nelson

Marlys Jensen             Bev Ostroot.

"God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one of them to say "thank you?"
Suggestions:  Pastor, Youth Director, Choir Director, Organist, Church Board Members, Secretary, Janitor, Sunday School Teachers, Parents bringing their children to church
The list to GIVE THANKS is endless---------------------------------------------

Jan Wiedebush, Secretary



 The Women's Board meets periodically on an "as needed" basis. Our next meeting is scheduled the end of May.  Please contact any Board member (Jan Olson, Jan Wiedebush, Nancy Lester, Bev Ostroot, Betty Stuart, Marlys Jensen, and Pat Hays) if you have questions or concerns.

Pictures by Bonnie Hoffman

The following Audio downloads are from the April 28, 2012 LCMC Spring Fling


The Lords Prayer - Women's Quartet

Guest Speaker Rebecca Miller - "Why should I shine"

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Guest Speaker Rebecca Miller - "How do I shine"

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