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Dear Quilters of Bethany,

I just wanted to thank you for your recent donation of quilts

to Immanuel Home. I immediately took them to the laundry

where they were washed and then distributed throughout the

home. The residents love them and it is nice to have that size

quilt available to them. It is especially fun, for me, to tell

them that they come from my congregation in Bigfork.

I, personally, would also like to add a thank-you to you

dedicated quilters, who so faithfully continue to meet weekly

preparing quilts for all types of situations. I know how much

it means to those high school seniors who receive the quilts -

each of my girls appreciated them so much. I would think

that it even means more to those kids who haven’t been a

faithful attendee but they have been included in the love you

show. So as an observer from out there in the pews at

Bethany - thank you for all you do. It is a true ministry.


Kathy Buffington

Immanuel Lutheran Communities

Institute of Lutheran TheologyJanuary 21, 2011
Dear Bethany Lutheran Church,
Thank you for your generous support in 2010. You are a valued partner in our mission to train the next generation of pastors and leaders in the Lutheran Church.
Yours Sincerely,
Dave Tvedt                                                         
Office of Development

Habitat for Humanity
Thank you for your recent donation. This will help us to provide affordable housing in the Flathead Valley,
Team Member of Habitat for Humanity

Samaritan House, Inc.
January 24, 2011
Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for your donation to Samaritan House. With donations such as yours we were able to provide shelter and related services to 967 homeless individuals while they tried to resolve their crisis. Our facilities allow us to provide much needed shelter,      transitional, and low-income housing.
Again, thank you for your support of this much needed and worthwhile program.
Chris Krager                                                                                   
Executive Director

Violence Free Crisis Line
January 6, 2011
Dear Friends,
Please accept our warmest gratitude for your recent gift to Violence Free Crisis Line. With your ongoing support, we will continue to provide services to the many victims and families struggling to break free from domestic violence. Your support is deeply appreciated, especially in these difficult economic times.
Again, please accept our profound thanks for your generosity.
Janet Cahill                                                                                            
Executive Director

Heifer International
Dear Friends,
Thank you for your kind gift to Heifer International. Because of your generosity, families struggling to take care of themselves and their loved ones are better able to make steps toward self-sufficiency during these winter months.
There is a fantastic quote attributed to Mother Theresa: “We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” It seems to embody the spirit of your giving nature.
Thank you for sharing our vision—a vision of a world where all people are fed, sheltered and living sustainable lives. They are able to make a better tomorrow for themselves and their children and ultimately, able to pursue their dreams. Your kindness and generosity truly makes a difference.
Pierre U. Ferrari                                                                                                                                                  Chief Executive Director

Dear Women of Bethany,
Thank you so much for all you did to prepare for our arrival. It was wonderful to arrive here and have full shelves and a great start to our time here. God’s blessings to you, and we look forward to working with you to share God’s love with the world!
In Christ,
Pastor Christopher, Rebecca & Grace

Thank You
Dear Bethany Lutheran Church,
I can’t express to you how grateful I am for your generosity. It means a lot to me that this community is still looking out for people in need.
I will be using this money to help pay my student loan bills. It will help me out so much. Both Jordan and I appreciate you and all that you’ve done for us.
Thank you,
Katrina St.Sauver

Dear Bethany Lutheran Church:
We the staff, volunteers and Board Members of the North West Montana Veterans Stand Down & Food Pantry would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” for you donation of $600.00 that you recently gave us. It was such a pleasant supprise and so very thoughtful of you to remember our local veterans and their families for the holidays.
Allen W. Erickson, Sr., President

Dear Bethany Lutheran Church Women,
On behalf of the Lighthouse Christian Home residents, staff and Board of Directors we thank you for your recent and generous $410 donation collected at the Christmas Tea. Thank you for the opportunity to share in your Christmas Celebration. Your support blesses us in so many ways, both tangible and intangible. We hope that you will remember us if a time arises when we may be of assistance to you.
We treasure your friendship.
Shirley Willis, Executive Director
Lynn Taylor, Development Coordinator

Thank You
Bethany Lutheran Church Ladies,
Thank you so very much for the hard work you do to make the quilts and your thoughtfulness to our veterans.
These blankets are handed out when our veterans come out of homelessness and have a home of their own.
They are also put in our Santa’s Workshop where they can pick out one of the quilts as one of their gifts.
Thank you once again as these gifts put a beautiful smile on faces, both those of us who get to see your work and our veterans who are blessed by your generosity.
Lauri Erickson
N.W. MT Veterans Food Pantry

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