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Bethany Lutheran has five organized committees to address and support all aspects of the congragation's mission.  Following is a summary of committee responsibilities and focus, as well as which council members have been assigned to serve on the committee.

A PDF version of committe responsibilities can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.  

Beyond Our Walls  (Craig Asmus & Kelly Jorgenson)

The Beyond Our Walls Committee will focus on the outreach of this congregation into the community, and supporting the congregation’s means to do it. This would include:

*  Coordinate our website and its content

*  Coordinate advertising for church events, including print, radio, and digital

*  Coordinate community outreach events and service opportunities

*  Select special offering and benevolence recipients that reflect the concerns of God’s church on local, state, national, and world levels.

Congregational Life  (Linda Dahlman & RobinLynn Stobart)

The Congregational Life Committee will focus on the vitality of the congregation outside of the regular worship service. This would include:

*  A Visitation Care team, to visit members of the congregation unable to join us in worship or those who have fallen away, and to help those in need of special care.

*  Arranging for nursery care during the worship service

*  Providing for fellowship time after the worship service

*  Coordinating our welcome for visitors to the congregation, including contacting them the week following their visit.

*  Providing coordination for the continuing education opportunities for the congregation, including Bible Studies, Sunday School, and Adult Forum

*  Encourage stewardship year-round in the congregation, including a focused stewardship campaign in the fall

*  Planning congregational events to foster community and fellowship

Property  (Mike Nelson & Sam Schurke)

The Property Committee will focus on the “brick and mortar” needs of the congregation. This would include:

*  Church building maintenance and janitorial coordination

*  ARK maintenance and janitorial coordination

*  Parsonage maintenance and upkeep

*  Grounds maintenance and care

*  Coordinating Adopt-a-highway clean-up twice per year

Worship & Music  (Niki Knauth & Leoma Taylor)

The Worship & Music Committee will coordinate all aspects of the worship life of the congregation, including the music. This would include:

*  Participating, along with the pastor and music staff, in the selection of worship music, including hymns, songs, special music, and liturgical settings

*  Training ushers, readers, communion assistants, and assisting ministers in their duties.

*  A Prayer Team, to undergird all the congregation’s workings in prayer, and to provide public prayer for worship services and other events.

*  Assisting the pastor in searching for new worship resources to be integrated into our worship life.

*  Collecting Friendship Registers after worship services, and directing information to the proper people (secretary, pastor, Congregational Life committee)

Youth  (Pastor Miller)

The Youth Committee will focus on the development of the faith lives of our youth. This would include:

*  Coordinating the after-school programs of this congregation

*  Planning other events to engage the youth with the Scripture, one another, and other adults of the congregation

*  Encouraging and coordinating youth involvement in other ministries of the congregation.

*  Coordinating volunteer events specifically designed for our youth to serve in the world


BLC Committee Structure

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